• • Enterprise Risk Management

    • Contract CRO

    • In-house Risk Management

    • Risk Profiling

    • Modelling


  • • Raising Capital

    • Increasing efficiency and leverage

    • Strategic Planning

    • Contract CFO

    • Building and maintaining momentum


  • • Lower insurance premiums

    • Build consensus

    • In-house Risk Management

    • Staff training

    • Canada Job Grant Eligible


  • • Broker of Record

    • A/R Management strategies

    • Building Scoring Models

    • Country Risk Analysis

    • Policy and Procedure

    “Maximize sales to your BEST customers”

    Credit Risk Management


2017 could be another challenging year. Third Rock feels that this is the time to build consensus in your sales and risk management functions which can add long term value as well as immediately reduce their insurance costs. Creating common language within the organization and making sure your Marketing/Sales and Credit/Accounting teams are on the same page will enable your company to create new possibilities.

We can service our customers at every level of the organization in whichever strategic capacity they require. As a trusted advisor or a coach to new managers, we ensure that each engagement is properly serviced and understood before we get started. Our education courses can build long term value and are eligible for the Canada-SK Job Grant program

Regardless of the challenge, we offer practical advise and modeling that create tangible results for your organization.

Your confidentiality is our top concern and our Code of Conduct applies to all board members, employees, advisors and suppliers.

Third Rock commits to continually improving our service and finding better ways to serve our customers.